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20 Minute Belly Gram

A Belly Gram is a short performance by a belly dancer.  Belly grams are a fantastic memorable gift and such a surprise for the guest of honor.  This exciting performance is sure to liven up any party and is family oriented.  Interactive audience participation may be included and is sure to delight your guests.

30 Minute Belly Show

Private parties and/or full shows are designed specifically for your event.  Every performance is unique and interactive audience participation is included to ensure you and your guests enjoy the fun and excitement of authentic belly dance movements.  Your party will be one they will never forget!


Artistic performances are presented in dazzling professional costumes, full make-up and hair with exquisite jewelry and accessories of beauty and elegance.  Traditional props may be used in your performance such as, veil, isis wings, cane, zills, sword and more.


A sample 30 minute show may include:


  • Lively Entrance

  • Elegant Veil, Fan Veils or Wings of Isis dance

  • Drum Solo

  • Taksim (slow passionate dance)

  • Energetic Finale

  • Audience Participation

Shows over 30 minutes are available upon request.

Zohar #1.jpg

On Site Group Belly Dance Class

Group classes are a great way to entertain at bridal/baby showers, or any ladies event.  Coin belts are provided for class participants and authentic Middle Eastern music will vary from slow to fast captivating rhythms.  This class will get everyone moving and give them the opportunity to experience belly dance movements in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Class will include:

  • Warm up to get you ready for physical movement

  • Basic movements/technique - snake arms, shoulder rolls, hip drops and lifts, shimmies, hip circles, figure 8's, undulations and more.

  • Free dance to music with instructor guiding you through movements you have learned.

  • Cool down to slow the body down for normal activity.

As you can see, Belly Dance embraces beauty, grace and sensuality all in one performance.  Belly Dance is captivating, dynamic, alluring and passionate!  Each show or class is tailored to meet the needs of our client.  We strive to provide the best entertainment and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. 

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